You're Saying It Like It's Gonna Happen

by Uncle/Father Oscar

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released March 23, 2016

Uncle/Father Oscar is Dallas Scott, Keith Rogers, Kevin Rogers, Kyle Bosler, & Tom Conran.

Recorded at Philly Sound Studios by Tom Conran with assistance from Jordan Rhode & Colin Vaughan.

Mixed at Pelican Audio Suite by Tom Conran.

Mastered at Engine Room Audio by Andy VanDette.

Artwork by SPDesigns



all rights reserved


Uncle/Father Oscar Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"No one cares about your shitty, pretentious, faux emo band." - a fan

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Track Name: A Quarter of Sports
We use each other as fuel
And fuel never sticks around
But it's not wasting gas
It's getting to another town
But it burns twice as fast when you forget to calm down
We use each other as fuel and fuel never sticks around

Yeah, I've got my own car and it goes pretty fast
But you might as well take that rock and fill my seats up with glass
Take all of my shit
My bags and my cash 
I don't care about the car
I just care about the gas

Get me where I'm going
No, I don't need a consensus
I'm just glad you're alive

If it's four wheels or an aeroplane
The stress gets worse or feels the same since I was young
I'm feeling old, I'm feeling beat, I'm moving more, but on the same street
The front of Sherri doesn't have a scratch 
But the back screams "Baby, just forget the past."
Cause I've been hit and run
I tail your gate all wrong
When I back up I fuck up 
I've fucked up for too long

I'll be driving us into the ground
I thought you were always on my side, 
Sorry man, I need a ride
We use each other as fuel and fuel never sticks around
Track Name: You Don't Know What Ghosts Do
To anybody that I've ever met 
I'm sorry
To anybody that I've ever seen 
I'm sorry 
I'm thinking so much
It hurts

A Distraction that's all I am
My thoughts in a tin can

Well I don't really feel like dancing
But this coffin never felt like home
I don't really feel like no one 
Because I'm a ghost
And you don't really know what ghosts do, do you?
You ignore the voices in the house
I don't really feel like no one
Because I'm a ghost

We laugh and sing and dance together
But haunted homes never seem to work
They always seem to end in divorce

Don't go 'cause I'll go
Don't go and appreciate me
I'm thinking so much
Track Name: ...It Happened
Sometimes I don't know why
That we're still stuck in this basement
Every night I'm medicated 
Singing songs 
We're wasting tongues
That could say could say some better things 
But I hope to be
This anatomy
Stuck forever with this band and Kalani
Solid ground, I make it like I'm better now. All the good is masked with trouble around the bend, it never ends. 
Congradu-later I'll fake it but I hate her
Time to move on to something that is really worth my life
And if I'm smiling
I'm better now
Being happy again is the reason
I'm so scared of progress
So let me know tomorrow
If everything is ever really gonna stay the same
You're in the parking lot
Screaming something about a hospital
But I think you should stop
It happened already, you need to relax
You're saying it like it's going to happen 
Track Name: Mimosa Quota
Wait until the kids get a hold of this new existential 
Pain that I've been hooking up with
It is very essential
To keep up appearances and bail out relationships 
So you can know all that you know and then grow up to be old
Maybe I'm tying things together
Maybe I'm pulling them apart
Maybe some things will get better
Maybe they won't 

The time spent reading between the lines
Would be better spent watching the film 
Keep all new ideas away I want to feel
Like a moment keeps me bound to more consequence than I
Could ever dream to be a part of 
The scheme of things has just started
I'm well aware of the horror 

It's just the time spent reading between the lines
Would be better spent watching the film 
I call something like that a new invention I will never understand 
It still feels good
It still feels like it always should when the feeling comes on
Track Name: Hey Genesee
I've got this feeling in my chest, I guess I'd better go 
It's not a problem anyway, I love walking home 
Fell down a couple times and ripped my best pair of jeans
It's the same thing every weekend so come as you please

(Forget my number, forget every smile I gave
You fucked up again
Maybe the next drink will drown my name
You're so full of shit)

I better go
I'm walking home
Track Name: Fucked Up
I really fucked up, yeah, I really fucked up this time
It's not alright when you're so cliche and don't know what to say
I really fucked up, yeah, I really fucked up my life and that's alright
When you go to a show and you don't even know that I will never be there again

I know I'm dumb

It's part of my anatomy to be with you
(I've got teeth and hair and one black lung that breathes the same air as you)

I really fucked up, yeah, I really fucked up this tune
It's not on you that I'm so stupid and scared 

I know, I'm dumb
I know I'm done
Track Name: Sledge This Ledge
I can never relax
And she resents me for that
She knows I'll never change 
But the feeling leaves me in Pitch Black
Like that Vin Diesel film
Where he fought in the dark
That was the way you made me feel
That night that I wrecked my car
Well you never called me back, so I decided to move
If things don't ever change then I suggest we move
Are you gonna find someone else to pick up after you?
Don't you want to know
Why I called so late on a busy road
Don't you want to know
If I could fall asleep with you on the phone
Like I did in New York
Before I woke up at 8
To tell you I was late for work, so I had to get back to PA
The cars that are not for rent
Money that should not be spent 
For me just to tell you that I have to leave
If you would only listen
I'm not sleeping here
So get ready for the floor
Are you ready for the floor?
Instead of getting worked up over who falls asleep first 
I think you should go and find someone to pick up after you

Don't you want to know
Why does this feel so fucking difficult?
Track Name: Teed Is Wight
10,000 favors get you nowhere 
I'd rather be up in the air
So he puts his back to the ocean and lifts his arms to the shore
He wants to float just enough to forget the floor
Because he hates the plans he's been shown
He says, "I feel like a ghost, and I'll be leaving now so I won't feel alone."

And I remember nothing.

Fuck work get high 
Track Name: Aziz, I'm Sorry
All of my hair will grow 
To cover your eyes
To block out all of that bright that blinds and keeps you up at night
I'm thinking you're
A Light in my life
And you feel bright 
You've been dim before but not this time
You're going out for no one, but yourself
Light the roads and tell the cars to pull over 
You're guiding ships to home, you're giving hearts a hope, you're fighting all of the dark
That ends the lives that end the horror show 
I'll grow my hair to get you up and go
All of my hair will grow 
To cover your eyes
To block out all of that bright that blinds and keeps you up at night
I think you'd light up hell
If it got you closer to life
So I hope now all of my hair will help you sleep well tonight
Track Name: Let Bi Guys Be Bi Guys!
Why don't you believe in complications?
The world's not perfect 
Fading through the facade 
Going backwards and forward
Thinking I always say that 
"But I'm fine I don't care"

When we use each other
We fall apart
When we use each other
That's where we start
(we use each other)
When we use each other
It's for the best
(we use each other)
When we use each other
There's love

Hiding in my own skin
(Can you answer?)
Looking out a window
(Because I need this)
Crying in the shotgun 
(And I will know)
It won't be be like this every weekend 
Fail me and curse my name when I'm not there 
These past few years have made it easy, don't repeat me. 

We are all the same 
Broken and ashamed 
Leave me out of frame 

We use each other as fuel but fuel never sticks around 
(You're saying it like it's gonna happen)